At age 15, celiac disease forced her to stop eating gluten and start paying attention to food. From this forced deprivation, a love affair with food and cooking was born. With an educational background in product design and design thinking, food managed to keep returning as a salient theme. In her graduate thesis about using food as a tool for building communities, she led high school students in a redesign of their cafeteria. From building candy sculptures in her spare time to cooking dinner for children of incarcerated fathers, Julia’s interest in the multifaceted role that food plays in everyone’s lives as nutrition, entertainment, community, and status symbol has remained central.

Julia is currently cooking at Roberta’s Pizza in the back kitchen where she cooks everything that isn’t pizza, including handmaking fresh pasta daily. She’s also working on a curated dinner series that explores our histories, relationships, and identities through thematic prompts and guest storytelling over a provocative meal. Stay tuned for how to join us at the table and Eat Your Feelings.