Jump Kitchen offers nutritious whole foods designed to balance and optimize your body. We offer a range of products to support a nutritionally rich lifestyle for busy people. Jump Kitchen foods help your body eliminate toxins and nourish your digestive and immunological functions. Jump Kitchen believes that thoughtful, personalized service is the key to your health. With each program tailored to your dietary needs and goals, Jump Kitchen provides you with individualized support on your path to restored health and vitality.


Who is the chef?

Julia had a sensitive stomach as a child. As a teenager she discovered her gluten intolerance, which solved a lot of problems, but frequent breakouts and ongoing digestive sensitivity persisted into adulthood. Through her personal discovery process, food and its pleasurable and healing side became a way of life. Her journey of feeling good through food has led to her passion for sharing this knowledge with others.


What’s with the name?

As a vibrant youngster, Julia loved bouncing and moving to music even before she could walk. The nickname J-Jump was born. In healthful cooking she has re-discovered a childhood-like joy worthy of the name Jump.