How it works

JumpStart is a 5-day, food-based cleanse designed to gently help your body eliminate toxins and put you on the path to better health and nutrition. JumpStart offers 3 real meals and 2 satisfying snacks each day.

Unlike typical juice-based cleanses which can shock your system with sugars and leave you feeling hungry, our meals feature anti-inflammatory and nutrient rich foods to promote sustained energy and keep you satisfied. Stop starving and start eating your way to better health.



A plant-based, nutrient rich diet has the potential to make you feel better. It all starts with the digestive system – by enhancing liver and kidney function through detoxification you will start absorbing more nutrients. You will get everything running more smoothly by providing this vital nutrition to your body’s many systems. This means more energy, less bloating, weight loss, clearer complexion, decreased mucus production, and protection against allergies and disease.


Why it’s different

JumpStart heals your body with real food. All the meals are designed to provide you with a diversity of nutrients, served in easily digestible form to balance and optimize each ingredient’s potential.

We use a combination of raw and cooked foods. Raw foods have fantastic fiber and natural enzymes that can do wonders for cleaning the colon, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease, and lowering the glycemic load of the meal. However, the cooking process increases the bioavailability of each plant’s nutrients. This means that as the foods are cooked, it softens the tough, fibrous cell walls allowing the body to better access and absorb all the vitamins and nutrients that food has to offer.

JumpStart herbal teas put traditional medicine to work for your detoxification. Specially formulated to support the detoxification process, Jump Kitchen partners with herbalist Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes Apothecary to provide a formula customized to maximize the potential of your 5 day cleanse.


What you get

5 days – each day includes:

3 meals + 2 Snacks + Herbal Detox Tea + Probiotic Supplement


Sample Menu

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JumpStart is $74 per day plus tax and delivery. There is also a $30 refundable deposit for reusable packaging (picked up the next day) such as insulated bags and glass containers.