How it works

Maintain Meals is a subscription lunch delivery service that provides delicious meals to your office. Jump Kitchen’s Maintain Meals are geared towards sustaining your energy throughout the afternoon without that after lunch crash and leaving you feeling completely satisfied. They’re perfect if you are just looking for a better lunch option or if you’ve finished the cleanse and would like to keep up your commitment to eating healthy. Maintain your sense of health and well-being.

The food you will receive will be delicious above all, but rest assured it will also be nutritious, seasonal, local and organic (where available). Since all the meals at Jump Kitchen are prepared to order, any specific dietary needs or restrictions can be accommodated.

Maintain Meals is available for a minimum of 4 people per office. It’s a great way for you and your friends to team up for a healthier day.


  • $15 per day per person – $60 for 4 weeks per person
  • 10 people or more – 10% off
  • 20 people or more – 15% off
  • Discounts available for ordering more than once a week

Get in contact with us to set up your order. Online ordering coming soon!