For people looking for a truly individual experience, one-on-one services are available.


Allergy Discovery

If you think you may have a food allergy, figuring out what’s going on can be a difficult and arduous process. Standard tests at an allergist can be helpful but are often inaccurate. Let Julia guide you through a comprehensive food elimination diet to find definitive causes for your pains.

Individual Coaching

Set yourself up for a successful, healthy lifestyle. From a “pantry raid” to fill your cabinets with nutritious staples, to menu planning, individual cooking classes, recipes, and more, JumpKitchen coaching sessions give you the confidence to be sure you fueling yourself and your family with wholesome foods everyone will love.

Group Classes

Fun for a night with “the girls”, mommy and me, or any small group of friends, a JumpKitchen chef will come to your home to teach you a few recipes. With ingredients in hand, the chef will guide everyone through each recipe and leave you to enjoy the meal you have just prepared at the end. Wine and cocktail pairings are available.

Gluten Free Cooking

Julia has been living gluten free since 1998. Her expertise and experience in navigating how to adapt recipes for gluten free diets, avoiding the pitfalls of hidden gluten, and finding new and creative ways to feel satisfied can help anyone new to or thinking about going gluten free.
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